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The Raptor staff - past & present [entries|friends|calendar]
Newspaper is cool.

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Hm [27 Oct 2006|10:18pm]

How is the raptor doing? Just interested, whats the word chelsea (sp? sowwy). And how is everyone's literary bit going, my mass media teacher is trying to recruit me to write for the FSView, but I dont know, I'll get lazy again I think. And if matt reads this, I have to say thanks for teaching me how to do layoutssss, I wtfpwned the shcools paper layout, it was really bad =(
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[13 Sep 2005|06:53pm]

In honour of the direction "our" newspaper is going, i suggest we change the name of this community to the "Ms Evans Magazine: Let's Get rid of everything from last year!" community.

Come on guys, don't be so afraid of change.
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Woah [01 Aug 2005|02:40pm]

I just got back from guidance at the school and dropped newspaper. I had all the intention to stay in until I heard this, "Well, Ms.Evans is going to be taking over the newspaper class this year." WTF woah that was outta nowhere, AND they moved newspaper to 4th hour. So yeah I jumped outta that class faster than the flash. Sorry to everyone but I'm not gonna stay in newspaper with her there, and just posting this so everyone gets the word.

The Pariah
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[23 Jul 2005|03:54am]

So, when do Mel and Matt (and Mike, although I know he hasn't left yet, slacker) come back from college for the first time? We should probably do something. And stuff.
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Hey guys! [29 Jun 2005|11:32am]

[ mood | hungry ]

So ... I'm just sitting in my dorm room, looking at the picture of all of us doing the Chelsea and realizing how much I miss you guys!! Newspaper stuff is all over my bulletin board (including Chris & the chicken & coke) ... You guys need to plan a trip to Orlando and come visit me. Yea.

Okay, well, I should get back to studying.

I hope to hear from you all soon.


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:-* [20 Jun 2005|05:05pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

To the greatest newspaper staff ever:

I leave for UCF tomorrow, and wanted to make sure I got to say goodbye to all of you before I left!

With the exception of the pegster, I've always enjoyed newspaper because of the people in it. This year's staff (the last half) has been the best staff I've ever been a part of. And not just our fabulous writing & layout skills ... but everyone has been so awesome. And we've all become such good friends. I love that more than anything else. And I'll miss being with you guys everday! I know you'll produce an amazing paper next year - especially with Chris as Editor. I expect to be mailed a copy of each issue! :) And I promise Matt, Mike, and I will visit periodically.

It'll be weird in the beginning without us in the room ... and without me yelling at everyone (by everyone, I mean Stefen) ... and without graphics magically appearing because Matt spent time at home to make something ... and without Mike, you know, talking about how great he is and how everyone else sucks. But you'll get used to it. And eventually next year's staff will be as close as this year's staff, and you'll laugh and make fun of each other, and Chris will flip over Chelsea's mouse and mess up everyone's hair. I hope you guys have a fun year, and I hope you feel proud of the paper you produce. I know it'll be great!

I love you all (even you, Pariah) - and hope to see you as soon as I possibly can!! Good luck next year.


P.S. If by the horrible and slim chance that Chris isn't picked as Editor, whoever is should just treat Chris as Editor. Like - always let Chris write on the board, and ask him what to do, and give him your articles to grade. That'd be funny. :)

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[19 Jun 2005|05:51am]

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
-Douglas Adams

a gift =p
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Bowling ... [12 Jun 2005|11:19am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey Guys ...

I just wanted to say how much fun I had last night! Bowling is awesome, and so are we. Matt is the best bowler ever. Sorry, Chris.

Anyway - just a reminder to check about Wednesday night. Bowling is $10/person from 9:30 p.m. - 1:30 a.m. So, let me know if you're all interested.



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Time for a newspaper outing! [07 Jun 2005|09:36pm]

[ mood | happy :) ]

Alright guys. It's been enough time since we've been apart.

So ...

This Saturday. Let's hang out. Chelsea doesn't like to bowl, so we can do something else. Like go to someone's house and play cranium and just hang out. Or, if you feel like going somewhere, we can go to boomer's or something.

I'm going to be sending everyone an email just in case people don't see this.

Alright. Saturday afternoon. Yes? Let me know.

You're all awesome.

Except Chris.

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[02 Jun 2005|03:59pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I am so happy this year is over, but I am not happy that the seniors wont be back for next year :(

I hope you all have an awesome summer. I insist we hang out at least once before everyone is sucked into Orlando. I get back from RYLA June 6th, so anytime after that, we all have to hang out.

Talk to you all soon! I hope :)

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[01 Jun 2005|09:57pm]

The seniors need to come back next year.

We miss you guys dreadfully.

Except Mike.
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[26 May 2005|03:01pm]

[ mood | thankful ]

hey guys, it's matt - the original.

mel and i came in to 236 today but you were all out distributing lit mags to everyone. we looked around the school but to no avail. i'm going to be making the community icon when i get home from errands today and i'll also post the famous picture of chris today, for those who want it in color.

miss you guys,

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First post - wooo hooo [24 May 2005|09:39pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Why is Flanagan's newspaper staff so cool?

Because we're AWESOME.

that makes no sense - but it is the truth.

I love you guys ... and I'll miss you. :(

I'm going to visit Thursday when I pick up my cap & gown.



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